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About AiGlobal

AiGlobal has harnessed artificial intelligence-driven trading to deliver an efficient, precise, dependable trading system, enhancing performance and risk mitigation. This system swiftly computes buying and selling prices for leading cryptocurrencies across exchanges within seconds. AiGlobal promptly executes buy orders at lower prices and facilitates selling at higher rates across various exchanges.

  •  Automated Trading: AI trading systems can execute trading strategies automatically, without human intervention.
  •  Emotionless Trading: Due to the absence of emotional influence, AI reduces losses caused by human errors.
  •  Swift Decision-Making: AI can analyze market data at lightning speed, making real-time decisions and allowing you to seize rapidly changing market opportunities.
  •  Diverse Strategies: AI can implement various trading strategies, including trend tracking, arbitrage, and quantitative analysis, increasing trading profitability.

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Certificate Of Incorporation


Company number FC039804

Registered office address

Elizabeth House 1st And 2nd Floors, Les Ruettes Brayes, St Peter Port, Gy1 1ew, Guernsey

Company type

Overseas company

Incorporated on

6 May 2022

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